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Metatarsal Strap


Metatarsal Strap

Customer Rating: 5


Price: 8.26

When to use:

Metatarsalgia (Ball of Foot Pain) Mortons Neuroma Sesamoiditis General Forefoot Pain



This elastic metatarsal bandage contains a silicone padding at the base. The elastic bandage design allows minimal movement in the shoe and keeps the pad secure under foot.

For foot problems concerning the ball of the foot such as painful metatarsals (Ball of Foot Pain) and forefoot lesions.

Medium size fits ladies (up to size 7) & large fits men's feet.

Now available in both the left and right foot.


based on 2 reviews.

At last relief from arthritic pain in big toe,   
Having had severe pain in the joint in my left big toe & major discomfort when walking, these have made it possible to walk with minimal pain. Would recommend anyone with similar problems to give these a try.

Great product.,   
I just had a mortons nueroma operation and the ball of my foot is still really sore till I found this and it's a excellent product well worth the money I would recommend this to anyone and it does not move in the shoe.

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