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Foot Orthotics

What do Foot Orthotics do?

Foot Orthotics correct an abnormal, or irregular, walking pattern. They perform functions that make standing, walking, and running more comfortable and efficient, by altering slightly the angles at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface.

Foot Orthotics are known to solve a number of biomechanically related problems, not only for obvious foot problems but also for ankle and knee pain, pelvis, hip, spinal pain and even headaches. This is achieved by preventing misalignment of the foot which can significantly alter the way in which the bones move within their joints.

Foot Orthotics are often used to correct problems such as:

  • Supination
  • Pronation
  • Structural abnormalities
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • General knee pain
  • Ankle instability

Types of Foot Orthotics

Foot Orthotics take various forms and are constructed of various materials. All are concerned with improving foot function and minimizing stress forces that could ultimately cause foot deformity and pain.

While varying in design all Orthotic supports are mostly aimed at the mass market, this is fine in many cases but to be fully effective each support should be tailored to the individual.

Foot Orthotics and specialist insoles listed on are designed for mild conditions such as arch, heel and forefoot pain. Where specified, they will provide arch support and basic gait correction and cushioning.

Foot Orthotics

Slimflex Simple Full Length - Low Density

Slimflex Simple Full Length Orthotics are neutral EVA Foot Orthotics prescribed by NHS practioners.
Slimflex Simple  Length Orthotics - Medium D...

Slimflex Simple Orthotic - Neutral EVA Foot Orthotics prescribed by NHS practioners.
Slimflex Simple  Length Orthotics - High Den...

Slimflex Simple Orthotics are neutral EVA Foot Orthotics prescribed by NHS practioners.
Semi-Flex Carbon Foot Orthotics -  Length

Foot Orthotics provide maximum support and optimal comfort.
Slimflex Simple Full Length Orthotics - Mediu...

Slimflex Simple Orthotics are a Neutral EVA Foot Orthotics prescribed by NHS practioners.
Slimflex Simple Full Length Orthotics - High ...

Slimflex Simple Full Length Orthotics are a neutral EVA Foot Orthotic prescribed by NHS practioners.
Slimflex Kinetic Foot Orthotics

Slimflex Kinetic Orthotic Insoles are ideal for feet that require additional control and stability.
Slimflex Plus Orthotics

Slimflex Plus Orthotic Insole - For those seeking maximum support and heel stabilisation.
Slimflex Standard

Slimflex Standard Foot Orthotic Insoles are moulded EVA foot orthotics with deep heel cup.
Slimflex Plastic Orthotics

Slimflex Plastic Insole - EVA Foot Orthotic with rigid base for additional stability.
Slimflex EVA Orthotics

Slimflex EVA Insole Orthotics - Replacements for the insoles in your training shoes.
Interpod Flex ( Length) -  6 Arch with Heel...

Eliminates pronation moments about the subtalar joint created by the lateral heel cup.
Interpod Soft (Full Length) - Low Arch 4

Our soft range of orthoses is made are made from Polyurethane which is 50% more shock absorbing than EVA.
EVA Top Covers (For Interpod Flex)

EVA Top Covers for Interpod Flex insoles
Therapeutic Diabetic Insoles

Ideal solution for the Diabetic or Insensate foot. Plastazote...
Duosoft Plus Foot Orthotics

Duosoft Plus Insoles are designed for people with diabetes or arthritis.
Diaped Prosorb Foot Orthotic

Designed for people with Diabetes, Arthritis, or other conditions that result in sensitive feet.
Diaped Trisorb Foot Orthotics

Diaped Trisorb Insole is a budget product for people with diabetes or arthritis.
Motion Control Foot Orthotics

Provide comfort, improve foot health and aid performance.