Diaped Diabetic Socks
DIABETIC SOCKS has a good selection of high-quality diabetic socks. Each styled and designed to for the needs of each diabetic foot type and every patient type. With three different adult sizes, along with a wide range of fashionable colours in all styles, you can be assured of a perfect solution.

Many diabetic socks available today not only offer no benefits for the diabetes sufferer, but can actually harm the foot. All socks on come form the medical sector and have been certified by medical practitioners from within the Diabetic foot health community.

A good quality diabetic sock is loose, but not hanging off the foot and should not restrict circulation in either the foot or ankle. The diabetic sock should be seamless and internally smooth with no lumps or bumps anywhere within the make-up of the sock.

The diabetic sock should also help restrict moisture build-up and help prevent bacteria growth. Please view the range at your perusal and enjoy healthy problem free feet.

Overview of range:

Seamfree Silver Sock

Patented seamfree design to reduces irritation with integrated X-Static silver for the natural elimination of odour causing bacteria. This particular sock helps prevent athlete’s foot, dermatitis and fungus.

SoftStep Diabetic Sock

Specifically designed for the needs of the diabetes sufferer, or those with circulation
problems. Low profile seam in toe area to reduces the risk of irritation. Fully cushioned throughout for total foot comfort.

Double Lay-R Diabetic Sock

Designed specifically for the needs of the diabetic patient, or those with circulation
problems. This Sock-within-a-Sock design greatly reduces frictional forces within the shoe. A tried and trust technique of many runners! DuPont Coolmax yarn wicks moisture away from the skin to keep the wearer dry and comfortable.

Diaped Diabetic Socks

Seamfree Diabetic Socks

Sold under Diaped brand.
Seamfree X-tra Diabetic Sock

These socks feature patented seamfree design, non restrictive...
Seamfree Silver Diabetic Sock

Uniquely these socks contain X-static® silver anti microbial...
Healthy Soles with Silver

Uniquely these socks contain X-static silver anti microbial...