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NEW - The Patients' Perspective: Ten Podiatry & Patient Stories
Find out more about Podiatry treatments and The Patients' Perspective: Ten Podiatry & Patient Stories.  read more
What is Podiatry? Thanks to the College of Podiatry for this NEW educational video
A birds-eye view of podiatry, with a taster of the many aspects of podiatric practice - Learn about Podiatry!
 read more
Flexitol joins You Tube
You can now view Flexitol TV advertisements online at You Tube! Please check out the advertisements...  read more
All about Foot Orthotics and Insoles
Foot Orthotics and advanced insoles correct an abnormal, or irregular, walking pattern. They perform...  read more
Winter Running: Survival Tips for your Feet
For those who don't mind a little rain, snow, sleet or below freezing temperatures and...  read more
What foot type are you?
Flat foot test you can do at home to determine your foot type. This is a simple test to find out your...  read more
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